Elak electronics was established in 1978.

  • official distributor of a wide range (over 100 brands) of electronic quality products
  • 750 unique electronics “cash & carry” “one stop shopping”
  • according to our suppliers: “a concept without equivalence within the Benelux countries”
  • according to our customers: “Ali Baba’s cave of electronics”

Elak has 20.000 stock items that can be subdivided into the following groups :

  • electronic components (active and passive) as well as the tools and measuring instruments
  • (personal ) computers and peripherals, add-on’s and supplies, connectors & cables
  • telecom : GPS – CB – PABX – GSM – fax –DECT + all accessories, tools and measuring instruments
  • alarm systems for private homes or companies (with wire or wireless) and car/motor alarms, personal alarms.
  • video surveillance and remote control
  • audio – sound – light – speakers (for homes, cars or public address systems)

We can offer the lowest prices and best deals by constantly reducing or even eliminating the costs that are not essential to guarantee the best customer service .
Because of this policy Elak electronics is one of today’s ‘number one electronics ‘Cash and carry’ shops.
Our innovating spirit and flexibility as well as our unrelenting efforts to meet the demands of the changing markets, has made us to what we are today “the answer and solution to each handy-men in electronics”.